Our Story - Virginia Beach

If you've ever had steak this good, welcome back!

-Ruth Fertel (1927-2002)

The story of Ruth's Chris Steak House, the elegant, comfortable and classically American home of the sizzling steak, began in 1965 in New Orleans. Ruth Fertel had a goal of providing a better life for her family. Inspired by her love of people and delight in creating memorable moments, Ruth's lack of business experience mattered little when matched with her spirit and commitment to create a restaurant of which she could be proud.

Ruth's legacy continues today. Regardless of the occasion, we guarantee the best steak house experience you have ever had. Every detail will be perfect. From the moment you arrive until your evening's end, you will feel as though you were the most honored guest in the restaurant.


We look forward to treating you to a world-class experience

The Sizzle

Sizzle is an Attitude!

At Ruth's Chris, sizzle is more than the mouthwatering sound that accompanies your steak from the broiler to the table. Here, sizzle is a state of mind, an attitude, a personality that could have only been born in New Orleans. As Ruth Fertel once said, "It's the sizzle that sets us apart from the stuffy, stodgy, old-line steak houses. You have a great steak at Ruth's Chris, but you also have a great time, and you always leave with great memories."